Susan, my wife, is the bookkeeper of the organization. When we opened the office way back when, with one staff member, Susan learned how to do everything in the office so she could be the substitute when our lone employee took vacation or was sick. She continued on, keeping the books, even after she returned to full-time work as a teacher. Now that she’s retired, she devotes more time to our life here at the office. This is truly a family business!


Me and Almond Blossom Optometry

When I met Duane (Dr. Kirk) at UC Berkeley, we knew we were meant for each other. There was no question we would marry, even though we waited until he graduated from Optometry School. At that time, I was already teaching full-time in Modesto.

When we married, he had a 10-year-old Volkswagen, $300.00 and a doctorate. We then set to work, finding a wonderful place to raise our children and opening a practice based on meeting the eyecare needs of regular people in an open, honest and caring fashion.

Doc’s style is an anachronism – he does not rush people through, but gives them the time and concern that he would hope to get if he were in the exam chair. That’s one of the things I love about him, and I share that with his patients. He’s entirely focused on YOUR problem and will not rest until you are satisfied.

I have been involved with the business in some capacity since it opened; at first, I kept the books and helped in the general running of the office, substituting for our staff member whenever she needed to be away. After we hired several more people, subbing was not as critical. I stayed home with our children for many years, continuing to keep the books. When the children got older, I went back to work as a teacher full-time, but have continued to keep the books as ‘job #2’. Now that I’m retired from teaching, I now can devote time to ‘keeping up’. This has been very rewarding for me – it has kept the business truly a family endeavor!